Introducing the Fail Safe Task for Trados Studio 2015.

NOTE: You can download the latest release from here.

1. What does the Fail Safe Task do?

This is a very simple plug-in. All it does is verify that the target translations can be successfully translated from your sdlxliff files. Anybody that has worked on a large project only to find they cannot generate the target translations will probably understand how frustrating that can be. With this plug-in, you can verify the translations can be generated before starting a translation.

2. How to Use

Select the files you want to run it against and select Fail Safe Task under Batch Tasks.

failsafe menu

Settings Screen

There are only two options for this plug-in:

failsafe settings

  • Copy source to target and save: This option, 1) Clears the target segments, 2) Copies the source to target, and then 3) Saves to target.
  • Pseudo translate and save: 1) Clears the target segments, 2) Performs a pseudo translation, and then 3) Saves to target.

Note that, in both situations, the sdlxliff files these actions are performed on are only temporary. Basically, all the sdlxliff files are copied in advance before the task starts and then restored again after the task is complete.


One thing I should mention is, especially with a large amount of files, you may have to wait a little bit on the following screen. In the background, all the files are being saved to target, which takes a little time.

failsafe waiting screen


Once the task finishes, a report will be generated call Fail Safe Task.

Passed Example:

If everything goes alright, you will see the Passed in green like below:

failsafe report passed

Failed Example:

If something goes wrong, you should be able to see right away, as Failed along with a long error message in red should appear:

failsafe report failed